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Hi Sticker Geeks!

I am Meghan, owner of Sticker Geek Designs. SGD was born while my wife Lisa and I were living in Maui. I had been a part of the planner community for a number of years but struggled to find the types of stickers I wanted. I like bright, vibrant, saturated colors and unique highly detailed art. We are also big geeks! I love fandoms, movies, and tv shows from the 80s/90s and cult favs! To me, a special sticker kit needed to be more than a coordinating color scheme. When I want to celebrate a fandom or a fav movie or show I want to be immersed in it. I want to feel like I have been taken into the story on my planner page. This is what we strive to do, bring you into the world of the story. 

A little background about us. I am a Trauma Therapist specializing in DBT. My work has primarily been with children and families who have experienced extreme trauma and individuals with severe multiple diagnosis. My wife is a Senior Architect; it's why we have so many buildings and houses in our kits! ;) We were married in 2016 and have a shih tzu named Bebe! We have experienced some significant struggles with infertility that led us to leave Maui for Oregon to get better medical care. We are excited to share that we had our Rainbow Baby in July 2021! Little Anea Rose is the light of our life!

Back to the stickers! All the artwork is hand drawn by Lisa and I. Sometimes she draws, sometimes I draw, sometimes she draws a part and I draw another part. We are a team always<3 Our Hand Drawn Deluxe Kits are 8 pages packed full of stickers to allow you to create a no white space spread in any 7x9 planner. Even if you do a complete no white space spread with our kits you will have stickers left over. We do this to give lots of options; like a second week of white space planning, or spread the kit out over the whole month! We also are offering many of our newer kits in Micro size kits. This is a great option for white space planners, Print Pression, A5, B6, etc- basically our Micro kits will fit nicely into any planner with spaces 1.5"wide. We also offer a number of Hobo Weeks kits sized specifically to fit in your Hobo Weeks! We also have sampler sheets for those that want just a little bit of the art of a kit but don't need the full size!

We also have photo kits! For me they add another level to stickers. Our photo kits are vibrant and saturated! Photo kits come in our Mini 4 page Kit based on the 1.5" standard vertical planner style. Many of our photo kits are also available in Micro Kit and Hobo Weeks formats.
Our mini kits can also be purchased a la carte as sometimes all you want are the full boxes or washi! We also offer hand drawn functional icons, and our shop characters Bebe the Tzu and Rosalee the Fox! 

We also only use premium matte Unicorn paper that is super smooth!

Thank you so much for taking the time to get to know us and our shop! We hope you will check us out and become part of the Sticker Geek family!

Meghan and Lisa

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